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If you would like the opportunity to strengthen your business relationship network, as well as passively generate extra revenue, read on to learn how Paradox Media’s Affiliates program can benefit you.B2B

Frequently Asked Questions

You will make 20% of each initial sale, as well as 20% of all ongoing services the client receives from us.

You will be paid either by check or direct deposit.

You will receive your payment the Friday after the client pays us.

You will make money off of each sale for the life of client.

No, we do not lock you into any exclusivity contracts.

About Our Affiliates Program

Networking in business is important. It can help you make profitable connections, learn tools of the trade, and so much more. Working closely with other business owners benefits everyone involved, which is why we have created the Paradox Media Affiliates Program to not only benefit ourselves, but also your business. We will partner with you, so if you have a client of your own who needs our services, you can refer them to us and receive a percentage of our profits as payment for your referral. This program has many benefits for each individual customer you refer to us. 

To start, you will receive 20% of every referral you send us that becomes a sale. We do not give you a flat kickback for being in our affiliate program; the earning potential is unlimited depending on how many referrals you send that that turn into clients. If we make one sale, you get 20% of that sale. If we make twenty sales, you get 20% of each sale, leaving uncapped potential for you to earn passive income. Once you send us a lead, your job is done, and we pay you what you are owed. But the earnings do not stop when the sale is made. You will also receive an additional 20% of any further work done for the clients you send us. If that client purchases future or ongoing services from us, you will receive payment for those services as well.  

Receiving Your Benefits

We will pay you via direct deposit or by check, whichever you prefer, and you will receive payments the Friday after the customer pays us. We also never lock you into any unnecessary and limiting exclusivity contracts, so you do not need to sell only our services. There are no costs or fees to you for being a part of our affiliates program, this is simply a win/win option for us to gain new clients and for you to make extra revenue without adding any extra work to your busy life.  

It is not just our business and yours that will benefit from the affiliates program, but the clients as well. When you refer one of your customers to us, you can be sure that they will be receiving expert service in a critical area of their business as well. The customers who are already benefiting from the services you provide for them will also benefit from our professional website building and marketing services. Your referral will also save them the time and effort to find a website building company on their own. This affiliates program is one of the rare opportunities in business where everyone truly does win. 

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