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Many of our existing clients are in the health & wellness industry, so we have the necessary experience to know how to make your med clinic, spa, or physician’s office website perfect for you. We can set up your own store on your website with e-commerce capabilities, an appointment scheduling system, galleries, etc. to make your business stand apart from the many other businesses in the industry.  

For spas and med clinics that want to highlight before and after results, we have a variety of creative ways to show your results, from simple side-by-side comparisons to sliding image overlays that the customer can drag themselves to see the before and after. We can also create pop-ups to prompt your website visitors to schedule a consultation or sign up for your email list. If you would like customers to be able to schedule appointments themselves online, we can also create a scheduling system that is user-friendly and easily updated to reflect your business’s schedule. We can provide photography services for you or use pictures you supply to make your facilities and quality of work stand out to potential clients. 

All these same services can be applied to physicians’ offices as well. With our websites, you can also allow your patients to schedule appointments online, and we can set up payment processing for you. This will allow you to accept payment in the office without any transaction fees to you. Using the most up-to-date SEO techniques, we can also rank your business higher in Google’s search results. This is especially helpful if your office is accepting new patients, or if your med clinic or spa is taking on new clients. We also offer digital marketing services to create ads with a wider reach if you are looking to expand your range of exposure.  

We also offer a wide range of marketing products such as business cards, appointment reminder cards, flyers, coupons, etc. Our graphic design team can create everything you need to network and expand your business’s presence in such a large industry. Paradox Media can help you stand out through every form of marketing available to yield the best results and the highest conversion rate from clicks to clients. We can also set up retargeted ads, so if someone visits your site without scheduling an appointment or consultation, they will be reminded of you and your services again later. 

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