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Video Production

Why limit yourself to simple text and image-based ads when you could take your marketing skills to the next level with video ads and commercials? We are now proud to offer you the option to create professional, television-quality marketing.


Video Production

Now you can have commercials and video ads produced for your business. Paradox Media is excited to be able to provide the final piece in your advertising plan. We are now able to offer brand-consistent methods of advertising that we would not otherwise be equipped to provide. Let us help you to produce top-quality cinematic content to elevate your marketing abilities to the next level. Here at Paradox Media, we are dedicated to creating a finished product that you will be proud to use to advertise your business to the world.  

We are capable of filming and producing cinema quality videos. Video can convey concepts, information, emotion, etc. in a much greater capacity than an image or text alone. A well-written script and professional videography in your video ads and commercials can prompt potential customers to check out your business far more effectively than any printed media could. If you’re using printed media alone, there is still plenty of room for reading comprehension and individual interpretation to hinder the message you are trying to convey, which can easily be overcome by employing the use of video advertising. With the videography, audio production, and photography provided through us, you can create corporate training videos, TV commercials, and video ads to be displayed on social media to ensure that you are leaving your business’s mark on every advertising platform possible.  

Elevated Advertising

Getting your message across via videography includes more than just moving pictures, sound is just as important in making sure that your audience gets the full effect of your intended message. That is why we emphasize the importance of cinema quality audio production to go along with your video, which is another amazing feature of the video production you will get through us. Spoken words are just as essential to capturing your audience’s attention and calling them to action as the film aspect, so we make sure that your video ads and commercials include the highest quality audio production to go along with the videography. We also have access to a large library of royalty-free music options to add another layer to your production, tying everything together to give you a complete product that will improve your business’s image and credibility. 

Videography is no longer just something that is used by the top corporations in your industry. It has been proven that potential customers and clients are far more likely to spend more time on a website that has videos included as opposed to only images and text. Beyond that, people are far more likely to be put off by video and sound that is not well produced, making it even more important that your videography and sound are professionally produced. We have the capabilities to offer you a service that was previously not as readily available to small businesses or businesses on a tight budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to receive high-end feature film quality production for both picture and audio.

The cost of production will depend on the length and complexity of the services you are requesting.

Yes, all of your brand-specific material can be used, including your logo, brand colors, etc.

Production time will depend on the length and complexity of the service you are requesting.

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