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Our professional, full-service web development will give your business the appeal it needs to make a statement and turn clicks into customers. Make your website look exactly how you envision it with one of our user friendly, fully responsive custom WordPress websites.


Custom Web Development

The difference between a custom WordPress website and a template website is like a suit purchased off the rack at a department store versus a bespoke Brioni suit. Both are suitable for their intended purpose, but only one is expertly tailored to be uniquely yours. Custom web development services help you stand apart from the crowd and make a great first impression on potential clients and customers. A custom-built site will also fit your business perfectly, with everything you need and nothing you don’t. We can build a minimalist, one-page site that needs only the most basic features, or we can build a complex, multi-page website that includes extra functionality like payment processing. Whatever your needs, you can count on us to meet them.

Not only are our custom websites built to look one-of-a-kind, but they’re user-friendly as well. Your website will be easy to navigate for both the customers and you as the admin. Our websites are streamlined to make daily use a stress-free experience. If you have products or services that are subject to frequent change, a custom WordPress site will make those tasks become quick and easy. User-friendly websites are necessary for businesses at every level, from small businesses to multi-million-dollar corporations.

If something does break, as any website can, no need to worry. Lifetime technical support is included in all our contracts. We maintain our sites daily, and we’re readily available if any problems with your website arise. Our web development team will have your site running smoothly again as quickly as possible, guaranteed. If you need aesthetic or content changes, we are available to make those as well. We will promptly and efficiently optimize your website to keep you happy and your customers connected.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Custom WordPress website contracts also include basic SEO services to assist in boosting your site traffic. Google ranking is an important marketing asset to any business. If your website is not showing high enough on your search engine’s results page, your website is unlikely to receive much new traffic. SEO can help utilize Google’s free ranking system to boost your website’s traffic. Ranking high on Google’s free search engine is a cost-effective and reliable way to receive a consistent flow of clicks to your site. While the cost of paid advertising has increased dramatically within the past five years, utilizing Google’s free search rankings through SEO can keep costs down for your business indefinitely.
The increase in website traffic has the potential to increase your business’s conversion rate, the amount of site traffic that turns into revenue.

Our SEO methods focus on not only attracting clicks to your site, but relevant clicks. Our goal is to help you reach more of the people your business caters to. Clicks are the foundation of increased conversion rates, but if they never translate into transactions, they do little good for your business. With a custom WordPress site from us, you can have peace of mind knowing that we have you covered in several different areas. Our sites have the attention to detail and substance needed to not only reach a wider audience but increase profits and grow your business as well. No matter what you need, we will be happy to create a website all your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress powers over half of the internet. It is extremely secure and very easy to maintain. 

Our full custom sites do not use templates. Everything on your site is made from scratch for you and only you. We do offer semi custom sites that use templates as a base if you are on a time crunch or have budget restrictions.

Hosting through us is included in your contract for the first year after your site is completed. You may choose to host it yourself or through us.

Your website is produced 100% in Palm Beach County, Florida by our team of highly qualified staff.

Ideally, Its better to update your website content regularly, at least once a month, and perform technical updates as needed. Regular updates help in keeping your site relevant, secure, and functioning optimally. If not once a month, then at least as often as possible. 

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