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When Google’s organic search result algorithm isn’t enough to get your business the necessary exposure, we also offer digital marketing services to create paid ads within your budget to reach as far across the world wide web as you need to maximize your website’s profitability.


Focus Digital Marketing

Paradox Media offers digital marketing services to grow your business and increase your site traffic and incoming revenue. There are several different areas we touch on to maximize the results of our services. Each aspect of marketing is important in its own way, and we take care not to overlook any of them. While other companies use “set and forget” techniques that lose effectiveness over time, we monitor and update our clients’ ads daily to achieve the most up-to-date results and the highest possible conversion rate. The internet is always changing; don’t let your marketing strategies fall behind the curve. With our digital marketing services, you can be sure that we’ll always stay on top of keeping your ads relevant.

There are several ad types we consider when trying to maximize your results. The first of these are Google and Facebook ads. With the number of potential clients and customers using these platforms daily, making use of them just makes sense. Google and Facebook ads are extremely effective for getting your products and services seen by the right people. These ads aren’t free, but when applied well, the increased site traffic and conversions will result in higher profits. You can also set your daily budget for these services, so you’ll never overspend on social media and search engine ad spaces.

Programmatic ads are another excellent way to grow your business. These are automated ads that decide what to purchase using relevant data. They’re useful because they save business owners the trouble of searching for online ad space and researching their potential profitability. They ensure that you’re buying the best digital advertising spaces possible, which will yield the highest odds of success in reaching potential customers. You also won’t be purchasing irrelevant ad space, saving you money.

Targeted and Retargeted Ads

We also offer targeted advertising as an option to help you reach the most relevant potential customers and clients for your business model and industry. Site traffic only goes so far in helping your business grow; with targeted advertising, you can maximize the percentage of that site traffic that turns into revenue for your company. Targeted ads use data to ensure that the ads you are putting out are seen by people who have been searching for keywords used in your listings. This data will help your ads be seen by recommending them to customers who are searching for related products, services, or industries who might not otherwise find your website. The more relevant clicks your site is generating, the greater the potential conversion rate.

A click that does not immediately result in a sale still has potential to become a purchase. Retargeting advertisements specifically target those who have previously viewed your site, but didn’t complete a specific action like making a purchase, creating an account, signing up for a mailing list, etc. These ads take advantage of site traffic that could otherwise be dead ends by reminding the customer of their unfinished visit to your website. Customers who have added items to their carts without checking out will see more frequent ads for your shop, coaxing them to return to the site and increasing the chance of completing a transaction during the subsequent visit. Our services to your business via digital advertising will provide you with opportunities to generate revenue you could otherwise easily miss. Work with us to determine your advertising budget and get on the path to exponential growth potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

We monitor our clients’ advertisements daily and update them as often as needed.

The number of people who see your ads will vary depending on what type of advertisements you ask for and how many ad spaces your budget allows to be purchased.

Targeted ads are shown to people based on their search habits and recent search history. Retargeted ads are shown to people who have visited your site without completing a purchase or filling out a form.

Programmatic ads use data to automatically purchase favorable ad space for your business.

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