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Nowadays, retailers need to be able to offer online transactions to stay in business. Major online retailers such as Amazon are so popular and convenient that, a business that doesn’t offer online shopping isn’t a business that’s likely to survive. We offer Woo Commerce integration with our websites to allow your business to thrive in the digital age, and this service has unbelievably diverse capabilities. 

With Woo Commerce, you can offer a wide variety of e-commerce services you could not offer using Shopify. Shopify has a severely limited number of services you can perform, whereas Woo Commerce offers both basic and complex e-commerce services. Some of the more basic, yet convenient features Woo Commerce offers are the ability to automatically print out shipping labels and buy postage, which will save you a lot of time as a business owner. Woo Commerce’s automatic features can also do things like book out rental slots if your business rents out time or equipment, so other customers cannot book a product or time slot that is already taken. You can also have it set up to allow users to post their own listings and automatically take out commission for your site when those listings are sold. Woo Commerce can even keep track of your inventory, automatically keeping up with orders and restocks so that your customers never purchase an item that is out of stock, and in stock items never show up as being unavailable.


Your business can also have Woo Commerce set up so that you can offer recurring subscriptions to customers. When a customer signs up for their subscriptions, the order will be automatically renewed at every specified interval, so you never have to worry about keeping track of subscription orders. Charities can even set up donation services right on their websites, so that donations can be collected and automatically redirected to where they need to go. Woo Commerce can even facilitate drop shipping, so if you are out of stock of an item, customer orders will be sent to you, and then from you on to your supplier to ship directly to the customer. We can integrate Woo Commerce with any payment processing system, even your own, so there are virtually no limits to what you can offer customers on your retail business website. Once you upgrade to Woo Commerce’s extensive e-commerce platform, you will wonder how you ever survived without it. 

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