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Vital Red Light’s website is designed to be user friendly while representing the brand style and creating visual interest. The color palette is reflective of the company’s product, creating strong brand familiarity and recognizability. The site layout has a simple, user-friendly flow with the brand colors being used purposefully and strategically to enhance flow and strengthen brand recognizability. Vital Red Light’s website is also a fully functional e-commerce site, with order placement, payment processing, and more integrated right on their site. has a user-friendly, minimalist design to help the site’s functionality stand out. Homebuyers and sellers alike can easily navigate to where they need to go on the site, which improves the user experience and helps the site effectively serve its purpose. The clean design of the site allows the home listings to stand out and grab the attention of potential buyers without the distraction or overwhelming feel of a site with a more complex design. 

The first thing you will notice when visiting Intelon’s website is the unique and attention-grabbing header video, which leads into a clean, streamlined site design that is optimal for the business-to-business industry. The site is clean, easy to navigate, and informative in order to highlight the site content about the product and minimize visual clutter. is a unique, attention-grabbing website designed to reflect the luxurious, high-end style of the vehicles available for rent through the site. The color scheme, video header, and images on the site are meant to evoke feelings of excitement and status when site visitors envision themselves driving Derby City’s luxury rental vehicles. The site is also fully functional, without needing to navigate off site in order to complete a vehicle rental. 

The Galt House Hotel’s website I designed to have all the functionality needed such as booking capabilities for room reservations, table reservations, etc. The brand color scheme is incorporated into the website in a way that looks upscale and modern to reflect the atmosphere of the hotel while evoking a homey and comfortable feeling that businesses in the hospitality industry aim for. 

Faith Automotive’s website is designed to combine the upscale look of the luxury vehicles they service with the clean professionalism that embodies the mechanical work they provide. The site is designed to highlight the work the business has done by keeping the spotlight on the work done by Faith Automotive. The site has lightning-fat load speed and a simple contact form to help client schedule service. 

Patel Vodka’s website is designed with prestige and culture in mind. The black and gold color scheme and clean site layout highlight the luxurious personality of the product, and the section background styling throughout the site pays tribute to the style of the owner’s heritage and culture. Motion and video effects throughout the site add to the upscale and modern style of the design. 

Caliwater is designed to reflect the carefree and bubbly aesthetic of the product. Bright colors, asymmetrical sections, and custom graphics throughout the site compliment the full functionality of the ecommerce shop. Caliwater has a unique deign that makes the site stand out in its market niche and fast load speeds to keep potential customers from bouncing off the site without placing an order. 

The Window Replacement Group website is designed to showcase the visual appeal and functionality of the impact doors and windows they sell. The design details of the site incorporate the hurricane symbol from their logo to build brand recognition and add visual interest to the site. The site requires a large number of product pages and has a complex linking structure to maximize the site’s organic Google rank. 

Fiscus Capital Funding’s website is built to be informative and professional to appeal to their target audience of business owners in need of funding. The site has straightforward navigation to help potential clients find where they need to be on the site as easily as possible to increase conversion rate. The site includes intentionally placed motion effects to call attention to important information and add a modern touch. 

Community In Schools’ website in designed to be easily navigable and professional to reflect the professionalism with which they help the students in their programs. The site has a clean, modern, educational feel and has the functionality to accept donations on their platform. 


 Petrogaz’s website is deigned to reflect the industrialism of their industry with a modern aesthetic. Their site is informative and includes design elements that set their site apart from other businesses in their industry. The color scheme is clean and complementary to make for a visually pleasing user experience.