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Social Media Marketing: Quick & Easy

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the process of analyzing audiences on social media platforms and developing a strategy that is specifically catered to those audiences; creating and distributing content for social media profiles; monitoring online conversations; collaborating with influencers; providing community service; and monitoring, measuring, and reporting on social media performance and return on investment (ROI). The potential for financial gain offered by social networks is considerable. The use of social media platforms may assist companies in accomplishing their objectives along the marketing funnel, from raising brand awareness to increasing the number of customers who visit their stores.

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Why Is Social Media Management Important?

With their expertise in managing interaction, branding, and marketing initiatives, social media managers help their companies take advantage of the rising popularity of social media platforms.

Companies of all sizes, from those worth hundreds of millions of dollars and able to afford lavish marketing campaigns to those with just a few hundred to spend on advertising, need their customers to be familiar with their brand. Customers need to be aware of a company’s offerings before they can make use of those services.

A third of all U.S. citizens now find out about new goods and services via social media. When it comes to gaining knowledge about new items, Millennials trust social media platforms just slightly less than television.

Equally important is keeping loyal customers of a particular brand. Clients are more likely to return if they have a positive association with the brand. And this positive association is usually reached through interaction with the brand directly on social media.

How Much Does Social Media Management Cost?

A social media marketing agency’s services might range from $50 to $300 per hour, depending on the kind of services you want. Prices may not always be set by the hour or by the project. Some social media marketing businesses charge a monthly fee for a typical set of services. This might lighten your load since you can simply arrange month-to-month budgets this way.

Why Invest in Social Media Management Services?

One of the most significant benefits of utilizing social media is the ability to interact with your followers. Make sure to provide engaging, gripping, and relevant content so that you appear in the feeds of your followers as well as their friends. Increased involvement may help you broaden your reach, putting your page in front of new prospective clients. Building high levels of engagement does not happen quickly, but it is a big reward if you put in the effort.

Customers increasingly regard social media as an extension of the customer care department, whether you intended for it or not. Because social media is available 24 hours a day, you may get interactions from clients at all hours of the day. This is an excellent opportunity to answer quickly to any of their concerns and queries, as well as to thank them for their support.

When you start investing in social media, whether via posting or advertising, you will have access to invaluable data. You will discover aspects about the audience you’re targeting, their geographic area, how many people click on your links, and what proportion of visitors came to your website through a certain social media platform. This enables you to quickly see the return on investment from spending on your social media presence.


Choosing Your Social Media Platforms


Facebook has almost 2.7 billion users worldwide. Its primary focus is to keep people in touch with their network of friends, family and colleagues.  For this reason, Facebook is a great place to foster brand loyalty among your current clientele. Due to Facebook’s massive user base, even within your own networks, your postings may not be seen by many people unless you pay a lot of attention to the content you share.

Think carefully about your company objectives when you evaluate Facebook as a platform. While Facebook may not be the ideal choice for expanding your customer base, it is a terrific tool for maintaining relationships with the customers you already have.


When it comes to spreading the word about your company, Twitter is second to none. The Twitter community discusses certain topics by using the # symbol before a topic word or phrase. Searching for hashtags is a great way to get a feel for the mood of the Twittersphere and shape your own tweets accordingly. Why would you do this? Twitter is often utilized by media organizations as a source of stories because of the insight it may provide on hot issues. Since Twitter is often used to give real-time information, many firms mix it with offline involvement, such as events.


Pinterest is a digital bulletin board where users may “pin” images and videos to create a scrapbook. The majority of Pinterest’s users are women. Recipes, outfit inspiration, eye-catching photography, and do-it-yourself projects are all typical pins. Since Pinterest is primarily a visual medium, attention-grabbing visual are essential. Strong retail sales have been connected to effective company usage of Pinterest.


YouTube may have 2.3 billion users, but its influence is far more than that. YouTube is accessible without creating an account. This has led to YouTube’s rise to prominence as a leading search engine. These queries often seek instructional videos. Companies in the service sector that can provide this material, coupled with instructional and lifestyle videos, do well on this platform.


LinkedIn has the distinction of being the platform that older audiences use the most. The 30-49-year-old demographic makes up the bulk of its consumers. LinkedIn stands out from the crowd in another way: its exclusive focus. LinkedIn is a professional networking and job-searching platform. Therefore, the site can be used for B2B lead generation, general networking, and employee recruitment.


Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and it now ranks among the top platforms. Instagram, like Pinterest, centers on visual content for discussion. Therefore, industries that rely heavily on visuals, such as the art, culinary, retail, and beauty sectors, may find this platform particularly useful. The site is still young; therefore, it doesn’t have as much activity as Facebook has. As a result, the platform is helpful for lead generation since it expands your audience.


The videos on TikTok tend to be quite brief. TikTok, like Pinterest and Instagram, is perfect for visual-based companies such as art, cuisine, retail, beauty, and certain service sectors. The average age of a TikTok user is relatively young. The site is great for reaching people aged 18 to 24 and raising brand awareness.

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